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updated 21 November 2018
The Eureka Silk Manufacturing Company

The Eureka Silk Mill originated in Canton MA, whose Historical Society maintains what they claim is the "biggest local history site in America." 
After its founding, the Eureka Silk Manufacturing Company expanded and changed hands. The history of the Company is convoluted, as it appears both several different locations as well as owners were involved over the life of the company.

One of the owners was H.K.H. Silk Company (scroll down), which had a connection to M. Heminway & Sons Silk Co., publishers of this informative pamphlet on silk manufacture. At least we'll know something about silk, if not the company itself!

Want to read the entire booklet (22 brief pages)? Click: The Silk Industry
The reverse of a few of the Eureka cards reveals the variety of thread types available from Eureka:

(image from eBay listing posted by Pinecondo item number 391551558228)
(verbatim--image from Google BooksAmerica's Textile Reporter: For the Combined Textile ...,
volume 36, Issue 7, 16 Feb 1922)
It appears that once the business left Canton MA, it had a presence (whether it was manufacturing or sales is not clear) in NYC, Boston and Chicago as well as various locations in Connecticut. Here are some traces of those locations as found on printed mailing envelopes and Google Street View:

The old Eureka building faces Macy's modern tribute to the architecture of the area.
(derived from Google Street View)
Gathering firewood
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