Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Appendix 1 - introduction

Revised 21 July 2017
Dr. R.V. Pierce, MD, founder of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute in Buffalo NY, produced many profitable lines of medications, which were promoted in several publications including his book, "Common Sense Medical Advisor."


As with most research projects, the Arnold Advertising Collection has accumulated a number of materials in addition to those presented in the Collection itself. It is the intention of the author to assemble those materials here for review and discussion.

Topics will be posted as they occur to the author or are suggested by comments on various pages of the Collection.

A Moment for Reading & Reflection - brought to you by the diseases Dr. Jayne claimed to cure
Anonymous Cards - homeless cards assigned to no merchant in particular
At Random: a variety of trade cards for your enjoyment - a bank, soap powder, a tailor shop & more....
Bennett Tea House Collection (The) - cards distributed by a famous 19th century business
Dr. Pierce's Neighborhood Gossip Dream Book - advertising booklet with comment
Eureka! The Eureka Silk Thread Manufacturing Company - card, pictures, convoluted history
Fuller & Warren Company: Connection of the Century - a youngster tells her story
Let E.F. Kunkel "Cure" Your Ills! - a little vehicle for some commentary on the philosophy of advertising
Stiffen up! New Process Starch - card, current occupant of NYC office profiled
Universal Fashion Company - cards advertising the Universal Fashion Company
Whatever Happened to Lion Coffee? - some of the most beautiful trade cards ever issued!

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